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Things To Know Before Caravanning


Caravanning is becoming rather famous, and an increasing method of holidaying people use to make fully use of their vacations. With the increasing number of caravanning holidays comes the need for tourist parks to be able to pull up, rest and re-fuel during your journey. You will not get a tourist park to yourself, and there will be hundreds of like-minded others with you in this park, and it’s not all fun and play. Given below are a few things that you should keep in mind before you take the plunge into caravanning, let alone pulling into the tourist park.

Early call times

Being on holiday only suggests that you wake up naturally at a decent time feeling refreshed, and ready to take on the day. This is not the case at tourist parks. These places are known for rising early. One reason for this is that people want to leave in their vans early so that they can get better spots at the next park. One thing you must expect is that most caravanners are retired folk, who tend to sleep for a limited time and wake up rather early. Therefore, you can expect to wake up to the hustle and bustle of engines roaring, and people talking.

No more privacy

Many think that caravanning gives you a peaceful holiday, with opportunity to lay under stars and gather your thoughts in privacy and no sound. This is far from the truth. With caravan sales in Auckland going up, there is going to be many other vans around the vicinity of where you have parked yours giving you very little to no privacy at all. All conversations done within your walls, will be heard by everyone outside, in addition your nights will turn into sleepless ones when you start hearing your neighbors snoring non-stop.

Stalker alert

The rising number of caravan sales, only indicates that there is going to be more and more vans on the road, and in the parks. With these vans parked quite close to each other at the tourist parks, there is bound to be a certain audience that is going to be looking at your every move. Many sit outside and observe their surroundings like watching a movie. Every time a new group comes in, it is like a new set of cast members walked in to showcase their natural performances. Therefore, be prepared for people watching your every move.

The loo stench

All of us have a usual routine that we tend to stick to. We wake up, have our coffee, eat a little something and then head to the toilet. When everyone adheres to this routine and there are limited toilets, it is possible that you will invariably have to stay in line to go in, and also reach to the start of the line only to realise how horribly stinky the toilets are. The stench, is an under stable thing because it is not just one person using these toilets, rather it is hundreds of people.

Before you up and just leave in your caravan, make sure you know what you are getting you and your family into.